Monday, September 28, 2015


deareset family... oh boy has this been a week.

to just start off i want to say that God has a plan for everything. Last monday i had one companion, and now this week i have 2 and i am covering 2 wards and it is nuts. but i know God has a plan. Tuesday was definitely the hardest day of my mission so far and i wasn't sure if i was going to make it but like i said in the beginning God HAS a plan. that day at zone conference i had a package from all of my young women leaders. so i just want to say thank you right now. one of the letters said, "i hope this gets to you in just the time that  you'll need it most" and boy was she right. you know no matter how bad something may seem, there is always a way out of it .. through faith, hope and love. Faith that things will work out, hope/action on making things better with a better attitude (even if you have to fake it till you make it) and Love.. just love everyone, you have no idea who needs what and when they need it. I love being out here and i love being here... my mission president said that this is a trying time, but it will stretch my faith and make it so much i am not sure how much it can stretch... but i will do it; if i am asked. 

 I am now companions with Sis. Kovacs and Sis. Griffin covering the Greenville 1st and 2nd ward. . Florita was baptized this week on Saturday, and it was so beautiful! i sure love that girl she was so nervous, but she did it and that is all that matters. she acted in faith. i think we can all be like florita. i wish i could tell you her whole story. but i promise if all ya'll will act in faith, you will be carried through!

there is a lot going for both wards here in Greenville and i can't wait to see what kinds of things happen. so wish us luck!

 p.s. i can't wait to sleep on a bed again. i am currently sandwiched inbetween two matresses on the ground. lol #missionlyfe. 


1. Florita's baptism!! (sister's griffin, kovacs,and me)
2. Life is what  you make it!!  (cotton field)

mon: ate at crackle barrel with my sis. Anderson
tues: Zone conference and Florita's baptism interview
wed:first day with the First sisters
thurs:did weekly planning for TWO areas... oh my goodness
fri:took our sweet shot by the cotton fields
sat:FLorita's baptism, and woman's conference
sun:found out we are an official trio! ;D

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