Monday, October 26, 2015

Pig Tail

hey hey hey:

so i am not really sure what to say this week because well life in a mission is a flip flop in life every single day. i am being transferred to havlock, North Carolina it is almost the most south part of my mission on the coast. i cant wait. my companion is sister villegas. from sandy Utah. so wish me luck. it is in a marine base so it will be so much fun! 

but this week was fun the one thing i want to focus on or rather tell you this week is that the primary program was SWEET!! they sang 'Jesus was no Ordinary Man." and man were my eyes juicing. i was bawling. i love that song because not only did my mom sing it; but it is so simple and true. and the simplicities of the gospel get me everytime, its a tender thing!  because Jesus was no ordinary person, he is our brother, and we are not ordinary either. and through the power of the atonement we can and will be the means by which miracles are brought to pass for ourselvs and for others. .. weird to think about huh. not only do we have our own relms to influence but others as well. there is some food for thought. we are no ordinary people. we are unique, peculiar, and we have so MUCH potential. that is what i learned this week. or what was re-itterated. 

this week we said good-bye to the Knight family. i will enclose a picture. (they are my favorite family) the littlest one (marquivion reminds me of my nephews). ... the cutest. 
also another huge moment of this week was when our recent-convert Florita Parker, asked our investigator starlet Vought to be baptised. she said " i feel compelled to ask you star to be baptised, because i love you." -Florita Parker... and it just made me think of the gospel is all about love. we do things because we love christ. well at least we should strive to. 

i never know what to write in my emails. i just write what is in head at that time. i am better at letters,,, and questions. but this week was great! i am so happy and grateful for the time i had in greenville.. all 6 months of it! and i am now ready to be a sister training leader in havelock. it will be a huge change and such a fun opportunity to grow, and get to see more and more of North Carolina while on exchanges. i love you all tons!! 

1.the knight family
2.i milked a cow at the simply natural dairy farm.. coot huh?? 

MOnday: got halloween packages from my mom and sister!!! happy halloween yall
tues:got a statue of a Jesus who is black!! it is so cool!!!
wed:connected all of the dots to how we met Florita, and why we did... and re-confirmation that God works in mysterious ways!!
thurs:I ATE PIG TAIL......  GOOD!!! I LOVED IT!
Friday:Sister Parker did the 'NayNay'? apparently its a sweet dance move that is popular right now
sat: said good bye to the Knight family
sun:threw a pie in sister Griffin's face... her last day....:(    also had 2 primary programs..i love babies....#TrunkieForBabies!

have the best week every ya'll i love you so much!! keep reading the book of mormon everyday until you feel the spirit! it will alivin you!! 

=love sister olesen

Monday, October 19, 2015

Helping Hands

hello my dears!! 

guess what? i got to be a helping hands mormon this week! it was so fun! we got to get down in the dirt, and pull out dead trees next to a river bank, i fell in a couple times but no big deal it was so fun! we also caught another frog by it and the Elders found a tiny turtle, i didn't get a chance to see it but it was super cute they said. but this week was long, but great, there was an adventure/ surprise everyday, and i believe that, that is how everyday can be with the right outlook. 

but i can honestly say with out the scriptures this week i would be in a lot more of a tiff. i love the scriptures, and the way they are able to help you to feel light, and how service can change your heart. and faith. the Ponderizing scripture i had this week was (ALMA 5:12) "according to your faith a mighty change was wrought in his heart" <or something like that> but it rings true. as we have faith that today will be better than yesterday, and you actively make that happen then... well by golly it will happen. and i learned that this week. and contention takes the spirit does being tired... so get some sleep ya'll. 

this week we found a man named Leo, and he was just chilling outsided looking for squirells in "his" trees. so we stopped by him and talked to him, and asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ, he asked if we were going to talk about Moses as well... so we said yes, because naturally the restoration has something to do wiht moses as well. lol so we came in and he had a Book of Mormon already, teachings of the Prophets, and the "miracle of forgiveness" already. and my companions and i looked at eachother in question... so we asked him about his back ground and he said that he knows a mormon, and he used to go to church with him!! so he knows a ton. so we just testified of the Book of Mormon. and this analogy came to mind to help explain the Restoration with the Book of Mormon... try to follow

Imagine a self portrait that Christ has painted himself. He worked hard on this for about 3 years or so. when he was crucified however people loved it so much that they took bits and pieces of his painting (ripped it up). one guy took his chin, another his hand, and another his eyes, so forth. well over time there was another artist (Joseph smith) who started to question why they only had a chin, or an eye, and he wanted to see what the whole painting was like. so he read, he went to the source (the bible) and found that he needed to Ask. when he asked he found out that there really is a full picture. so this artist throught the help of Jesus Christ showing him what to do through his power, was able to re-create the painting!! and boom the full church is on the earth again. ....

okay so i know it still needs some help, but it makes sense to me,and it gave Leo something to think about. becasue he told us that he likes to sample churches.... 

but that is the main thing that stuck out this week to me.

1.the lizard we caught
2. Me sharing a 'because he lives" card with Zamar... who later i found out has a crush on me... awkward

mon:got to know the elder couple... the CUTE i want to be like them someday
Tues: lesson with Niecy. such a great example of faith
Wed:moved a lady out of her apt. she used to be a freedom writher. sis. McCoy
thurs:we had 2 meals... and JUMBALIA!!
fri:i caught my baby lizard... i ahve a sweet video.. i will show you in a year how cool it is
sat: we were helping hands people!! so great because i got to play in the dirt
sun:going to bed... and D&C 67:10... oh and having dinner at the anderson's (the first ward) 

love sister Olesen...sorry its a long email!! 
p.s. i have more pics coming

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Gift Of the Gab

hey ya'll!! i think it is time for me to be transferred... but lets be honest i think i will stay here forever because well... i just love it. (contradictory... i know.. i can't figure it out either)

but this week was great! we taught our same families a bunch of times and only one of them seems to be grasping it. it is hard here because there are churches literally EVERYWHERE, so when we say church. it is just 'another' church. also the families that go to church regularly here usually go to the church that there family has been in for they don't want to leave. that is why prayer, and priesthood authority is so important. so any of you who aren't sure if the Church of Jesus Chirst is the same church that Christ established 2000 years ago.. i invite ya'll to pray. i know that sounds super missionary of me. but it is so true! this gospel has changed my life,and has changed many others for the better,just hold on, and reach up, he'll take your hand. 

The Knight Family came to church this Sunday and the mom, Quoshonda said by the end of gospel principles class that she just felt light. she felt so much better after attending church. and we were nervous because it was fast and testimony meeting, (which is a VERY different thing from other churches her in the south) and the Word of Wisdom was being taught in Gospel principles which we haven't taught them specifically yet. the kids had a great time. the littlest one Marquivion (who is 5) in sacrament meeting sat right by me and it brought back good times of sitting by my nephews in church. oh it was the best. we colored and it was great! 

this week i MOWED A LAWN!!!! it was so fun! the lady we did it for reminded me of my dad. she has this beautiful back yard, and is a busy bee. but she is very calm all at the same time. it was fun to be around her and actually know what she was talking about when she was reffering to her yard tools/power tools....#ThankYouDad!! i wish i had a picture but it was such a spur of the moment thing i was in a skirt and my nice i tied my skirt up a little (i was still modest.... kinda) ;D and pulled my hair up and got to work. my comps pulled weeds. good times in the big 'ole south.

on Sunday we went to a members house for dinner and had a good 'ole southern meal with pork, mac 'n cheese, with rolls, and Lima beans. and by the end of the dinner i was told i had the 'gift of the gab'... so i am not sure if that is a good thing.. but its a gift. so i will roll with it. they said it was a good thing because it the south you gotta know how to carry a conversation. and dear me that is one thing i can do.... in waiting rooms and all... #ThankYouMom

well this is a longer email this week but just know how much i love ya'll and i am so appreciative of ya'lls prayers. 

Mon: acted out the tree of life scriptures with members in our ward for FHE (Shane and Jamie Whittier)
Tues:went to the Eye Doctor for my comp. 
Thurs: interviews with my mission president; oh how i love meeting with him, i always come out wanting to strive to be a much better person. and i realize i am not that bad ;D 
Fri:met the cutest Old couple ... i want to be like them some day!! cute and old, and so happy, they were like newly weds ;D
Sat: had dinner at TEXAS Road HOUSE!!! with sis. Poaletti
Sun: rewarded with the name of 'the gift of the gab'

1. 'in God we trust' on our way down to Bethel
2.beautiful sunset down in Ayden. 

love -sister olesen

Monday, October 5, 2015

Like a Potter's Wheel

whoa can i say miracles!?!?! 

this week i want to focus on what i have learned. rather than on the experiences. (those i'll put in my highlights) 

but this week i learned the simplicity of the gospel. not only was that evident in General Conference but in what happened this week. so as you all know last week i was kinda bummed and a worry wart. but this week man i just let it all go,and focused on what i DID know! and can i just say wow! we taught 3 families in between two wards and it was incredible. the way the kids grasped onto the message of the restoration and on to the plan of salvation. this is so simple God doesn't want to confuse us. but just as Elder Holland said that sometimes we stray away because we are focused on what we don't see rather than on what is right infront of us! we focus on the complexities of the things we just don't understand. mind you it is so great to ask questions and wonder,but not worth it to get all crazy on it!! no way jose. well anyway. this week i just focused on what i could do. like i could teach the gospel, i can do the best i can. i can talk to everyone if i just try.. and we have seen so many miracles we have 10 new investigators 5 of those with a baptisimal date, and oh God is good that is all i have to say. so stay centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. He WILL mold  you into the person he knows you are capable of becoming!!

funny story.. so this week we were taking out the trash and there was this bird who we thought was dead... but sis. Griffin decides to pick it up.. . (just in case) and she felt a heart beat. so we brought it inside, and we tried to warm it up. and well after about 15 min of success he took a stretch with his wing... and died. lol (kinda like on shrek when fiona's dad, the frog, takes his last breath and catches a fly? ) well he did that and he died right after. i shouldn't be laughing but it was pretty ironic. so we went outside in the pouring rain and buried him by digging a hole with a spoon. it was a fun week. and it flew by!! 

1: K.O.G our bird (kovacs, olesen,griffin) 
2: sister Kovacs and i trying to be sentimental to sis. Griffin who was bawling lol

mon: taught the restoration in a gastation while people were buying tons of lottery tickets
tues: we got caught in a crazy rain storm and have a new investigator Quashonda
wed: learned about a street in mexico called "calle de besos" from this really old lady in the old folks home.... it was super funny!
thurs:we burried KOG, and ran through a field that was 2 football field lengths long... we looked like pioneers
fri: a man payed for our dinner at cracker barrel. he is super kind. he told us his story of how he was in jail for 25 years, and smokes weed everyday. but is a successful buisness man.
sat: GENERAL CONFERENCE the talk by Elder Lawerence
Sun: the talk by Elder Bednar (as we listen to the words of our forefathers and give heed to them we are more able to remember them, solidify them and turn them into knowledge!!

love sister Olesen

Monday, September 28, 2015


deareset family... oh boy has this been a week.

to just start off i want to say that God has a plan for everything. Last monday i had one companion, and now this week i have 2 and i am covering 2 wards and it is nuts. but i know God has a plan. Tuesday was definitely the hardest day of my mission so far and i wasn't sure if i was going to make it but like i said in the beginning God HAS a plan. that day at zone conference i had a package from all of my young women leaders. so i just want to say thank you right now. one of the letters said, "i hope this gets to you in just the time that  you'll need it most" and boy was she right. you know no matter how bad something may seem, there is always a way out of it .. through faith, hope and love. Faith that things will work out, hope/action on making things better with a better attitude (even if you have to fake it till you make it) and Love.. just love everyone, you have no idea who needs what and when they need it. I love being out here and i love being here... my mission president said that this is a trying time, but it will stretch my faith and make it so much i am not sure how much it can stretch... but i will do it; if i am asked. 

 I am now companions with Sis. Kovacs and Sis. Griffin covering the Greenville 1st and 2nd ward. . Florita was baptized this week on Saturday, and it was so beautiful! i sure love that girl she was so nervous, but she did it and that is all that matters. she acted in faith. i think we can all be like florita. i wish i could tell you her whole story. but i promise if all ya'll will act in faith, you will be carried through!

there is a lot going for both wards here in Greenville and i can't wait to see what kinds of things happen. so wish us luck!

 p.s. i can't wait to sleep on a bed again. i am currently sandwiched inbetween two matresses on the ground. lol #missionlyfe. 


1. Florita's baptism!! (sister's griffin, kovacs,and me)
2. Life is what  you make it!!  (cotton field)

mon: ate at crackle barrel with my sis. Anderson
tues: Zone conference and Florita's baptism interview
wed:first day with the First sisters
thurs:did weekly planning for TWO areas... oh my goodness
fri:took our sweet shot by the cotton fields
sat:FLorita's baptism, and woman's conference
sun:found out we are an official trio! ;D

Monday, September 21, 2015

Made Pies

dearest frineds and family... 

this week. has been crazy. i forgot my i am going to do my very best to even try to remember what in the world happened. 

WE taught a lot of less-active families, and we made cup-cake size so good... don't worry we did service as well but let me just tell you, they were mighty beautiful. we dilivered them to Ann, and some of our other prospective investigators! so there is nothing better than moving to the soul with some delicioius treats right?? ;D no the spirit is the best key. anyways. i think we just had really bad timing with things this week for teaching/finding investigators. We got to teach Florita (who is getting baptized this saturday!!) and her friend Star. she is progressing really well. she has lots of questions and before she asks us she first prays, then goes to the Book of Mormon. .. the the fist place for the questions of our souls! 

funny story. so we went to the Timothy's (a family in our ward) to teach a follow-up lesson. and after a powerful lesson on the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the father bearing testimony of Joseph Smith we all knelt down to pray when their daughter (8) knelt by her brother (17). well this daughter looks up and shouts..."did you fart?" and we all just busted up laughing, and sister anderson had to say the prayer, and we couldn't get a hold of ourselves... lol but finally i got a good balance of everything.. and i kinda peed a little during the that's a new place... so when ever ya'll feel bad, just think of sister Olesen peeing her pants (skirt) during a member lesson... i know it doesn't seem like we are working hard... just sometimes the funny stuff is way easier to remember... i hope you allhave a wonderful week!! i love you tons!! wish Florita luck on her baptism!

mon: lesson with sister napier, her love of Christ, and the atonement
tues:we made pies
wed:had a lesson with this cute lady named Nicole reid... now i thougt my mom could she    can talk lol she has really great stories!

thurs:Taught tithing for the first time to Florita! she is so wonderful! and loves to learn!
Fri:.... i peed...
Sat: stake meeting with all of the missionaries, and ward missionaries/mission leaders. we learned how important missionary work is through members. 1:70 people that missionaries find on their own are baptised and 1:5 people reffered by members are everyone, do your missionary work, so we can ALL be together someday. 

sunday: i spoke in church for the first time! on community service :D  

LOVE sister Olesen!!  BE GOOD!! 

1.our pastries!!
2.the field is all white and ready to harvest... good ole cotton fields

Monday, August 24, 2015

Good Day Sir

how are all of you?? if you're week has been as crazy as ours.. well there is something in the water then ;D 

I will be honest i don't really remember a whole lot that has happened this week it has been a blur. of miracles and sorrows as well but that is just life as well it just is up to how you look at everything. just another testament on perspective, and the eternal perspective. 

One story that sticks out is when we went to the McCreas for dinner it was super spiritual. we taught the Sabbath day and why we keep it holy. "for it is a sign between your generations" Genesis 31:13,16-17 but anyways it was good because it really hit home for all of us! but as we were leaving they gave us a referral to go see a less-active family. so as we went to visit them we saw a family outside on their porch. so after we tried the less-active family (who wasn't home) we went to say hello. We asked if we could share a message with them on how God is our loving Heavenly Father and like everyone here, they said... "yes please." so we shared the Restoration with them and they said they wouldn't see a problem with getting baptized again.... well... in fact, by being baptized by the proper priesthood authority you will never have to be baptized again. This is what hit her. so we explained the priesthood line from Christ--->Peter,James,and John----> Joseph Smith, and she was mezmorized. so... we will see what happens next :)  she didn't want to commit to baptisim.but she understood the line, so that is powerful! I love this gospel it truly just makes sense. I know that this is the restored church, and if you don't know that for yourself. its okay. i didn't know that till well about 2 months into my mission. i mean i thought i knew it ... but i didn't KNOW it. 

i hope everything goes well this week i love you all so much!! 

Scirpture of the day 2Nephi 26:24 Gods plan is the plan for us! He wants us all to return... so ask him yourself what His plan is for  you!! 

Mon: We had a run in with Jehovah's Wittnesses. and my testimony multiplied! because he wants us ALL to return

Tues: Had another Lesson with Florita, and her prayer was Amazing!! the power was real

Wed: WE had two lunches in 1 hour!! and it was fish and tomatoes. my favorite.. However, sister Anderson was so sick!! lol but she ate it all!! i was a proud mama!

Thurs:Lesson with Ben Dixon. We met him about a month ago, and he wanted to have a lesson! He is so prepared

Fri: i stepped in gum today... and an Elder Scraped it off of my shoe. we were on our way to give Florita's son a blessing
Sat:Lesson with the Edmondson Family. #joyjar

Sun: we had 4 investigators to church!!! 

Love ssister Olesen

2. Sister Anderson made dinner!! Meatball sandwhiches!!