Monday, October 26, 2015

Pig Tail

hey hey hey:

so i am not really sure what to say this week because well life in a mission is a flip flop in life every single day. i am being transferred to havlock, North Carolina it is almost the most south part of my mission on the coast. i cant wait. my companion is sister villegas. from sandy Utah. so wish me luck. it is in a marine base so it will be so much fun! 

but this week was fun the one thing i want to focus on or rather tell you this week is that the primary program was SWEET!! they sang 'Jesus was no Ordinary Man." and man were my eyes juicing. i was bawling. i love that song because not only did my mom sing it; but it is so simple and true. and the simplicities of the gospel get me everytime, its a tender thing!  because Jesus was no ordinary person, he is our brother, and we are not ordinary either. and through the power of the atonement we can and will be the means by which miracles are brought to pass for ourselvs and for others. .. weird to think about huh. not only do we have our own relms to influence but others as well. there is some food for thought. we are no ordinary people. we are unique, peculiar, and we have so MUCH potential. that is what i learned this week. or what was re-itterated. 

this week we said good-bye to the Knight family. i will enclose a picture. (they are my favorite family) the littlest one (marquivion reminds me of my nephews). ... the cutest. 
also another huge moment of this week was when our recent-convert Florita Parker, asked our investigator starlet Vought to be baptised. she said " i feel compelled to ask you star to be baptised, because i love you." -Florita Parker... and it just made me think of the gospel is all about love. we do things because we love christ. well at least we should strive to. 

i never know what to write in my emails. i just write what is in head at that time. i am better at letters,,, and questions. but this week was great! i am so happy and grateful for the time i had in greenville.. all 6 months of it! and i am now ready to be a sister training leader in havelock. it will be a huge change and such a fun opportunity to grow, and get to see more and more of North Carolina while on exchanges. i love you all tons!! 

1.the knight family
2.i milked a cow at the simply natural dairy farm.. coot huh?? 

MOnday: got halloween packages from my mom and sister!!! happy halloween yall
tues:got a statue of a Jesus who is black!! it is so cool!!!
wed:connected all of the dots to how we met Florita, and why we did... and re-confirmation that God works in mysterious ways!!
thurs:I ATE PIG TAIL......  GOOD!!! I LOVED IT!
Friday:Sister Parker did the 'NayNay'? apparently its a sweet dance move that is popular right now
sat: said good bye to the Knight family
sun:threw a pie in sister Griffin's face... her last day....:(    also had 2 primary programs..i love babies....#TrunkieForBabies!

have the best week every ya'll i love you so much!! keep reading the book of mormon everyday until you feel the spirit! it will alivin you!! 

=love sister olesen

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