Monday, October 19, 2015

Helping Hands

hello my dears!! 

guess what? i got to be a helping hands mormon this week! it was so fun! we got to get down in the dirt, and pull out dead trees next to a river bank, i fell in a couple times but no big deal it was so fun! we also caught another frog by it and the Elders found a tiny turtle, i didn't get a chance to see it but it was super cute they said. but this week was long, but great, there was an adventure/ surprise everyday, and i believe that, that is how everyday can be with the right outlook. 

but i can honestly say with out the scriptures this week i would be in a lot more of a tiff. i love the scriptures, and the way they are able to help you to feel light, and how service can change your heart. and faith. the Ponderizing scripture i had this week was (ALMA 5:12) "according to your faith a mighty change was wrought in his heart" <or something like that> but it rings true. as we have faith that today will be better than yesterday, and you actively make that happen then... well by golly it will happen. and i learned that this week. and contention takes the spirit does being tired... so get some sleep ya'll. 

this week we found a man named Leo, and he was just chilling outsided looking for squirells in "his" trees. so we stopped by him and talked to him, and asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ, he asked if we were going to talk about Moses as well... so we said yes, because naturally the restoration has something to do wiht moses as well. lol so we came in and he had a Book of Mormon already, teachings of the Prophets, and the "miracle of forgiveness" already. and my companions and i looked at eachother in question... so we asked him about his back ground and he said that he knows a mormon, and he used to go to church with him!! so he knows a ton. so we just testified of the Book of Mormon. and this analogy came to mind to help explain the Restoration with the Book of Mormon... try to follow

Imagine a self portrait that Christ has painted himself. He worked hard on this for about 3 years or so. when he was crucified however people loved it so much that they took bits and pieces of his painting (ripped it up). one guy took his chin, another his hand, and another his eyes, so forth. well over time there was another artist (Joseph smith) who started to question why they only had a chin, or an eye, and he wanted to see what the whole painting was like. so he read, he went to the source (the bible) and found that he needed to Ask. when he asked he found out that there really is a full picture. so this artist throught the help of Jesus Christ showing him what to do through his power, was able to re-create the painting!! and boom the full church is on the earth again. ....

okay so i know it still needs some help, but it makes sense to me,and it gave Leo something to think about. becasue he told us that he likes to sample churches.... 

but that is the main thing that stuck out this week to me.

1.the lizard we caught
2. Me sharing a 'because he lives" card with Zamar... who later i found out has a crush on me... awkward

mon:got to know the elder couple... the CUTE i want to be like them someday
Tues: lesson with Niecy. such a great example of faith
Wed:moved a lady out of her apt. she used to be a freedom writher. sis. McCoy
thurs:we had 2 meals... and JUMBALIA!!
fri:i caught my baby lizard... i ahve a sweet video.. i will show you in a year how cool it is
sat: we were helping hands people!! so great because i got to play in the dirt
sun:going to bed... and D&C 67:10... oh and having dinner at the anderson's (the first ward) 

love sister Olesen...sorry its a long email!! 
p.s. i have more pics coming

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