Monday, October 12, 2015

The Gift Of the Gab

hey ya'll!! i think it is time for me to be transferred... but lets be honest i think i will stay here forever because well... i just love it. (contradictory... i know.. i can't figure it out either)

but this week was great! we taught our same families a bunch of times and only one of them seems to be grasping it. it is hard here because there are churches literally EVERYWHERE, so when we say church. it is just 'another' church. also the families that go to church regularly here usually go to the church that there family has been in for they don't want to leave. that is why prayer, and priesthood authority is so important. so any of you who aren't sure if the Church of Jesus Chirst is the same church that Christ established 2000 years ago.. i invite ya'll to pray. i know that sounds super missionary of me. but it is so true! this gospel has changed my life,and has changed many others for the better,just hold on, and reach up, he'll take your hand. 

The Knight Family came to church this Sunday and the mom, Quoshonda said by the end of gospel principles class that she just felt light. she felt so much better after attending church. and we were nervous because it was fast and testimony meeting, (which is a VERY different thing from other churches her in the south) and the Word of Wisdom was being taught in Gospel principles which we haven't taught them specifically yet. the kids had a great time. the littlest one Marquivion (who is 5) in sacrament meeting sat right by me and it brought back good times of sitting by my nephews in church. oh it was the best. we colored and it was great! 

this week i MOWED A LAWN!!!! it was so fun! the lady we did it for reminded me of my dad. she has this beautiful back yard, and is a busy bee. but she is very calm all at the same time. it was fun to be around her and actually know what she was talking about when she was reffering to her yard tools/power tools....#ThankYouDad!! i wish i had a picture but it was such a spur of the moment thing i was in a skirt and my nice i tied my skirt up a little (i was still modest.... kinda) ;D and pulled my hair up and got to work. my comps pulled weeds. good times in the big 'ole south.

on Sunday we went to a members house for dinner and had a good 'ole southern meal with pork, mac 'n cheese, with rolls, and Lima beans. and by the end of the dinner i was told i had the 'gift of the gab'... so i am not sure if that is a good thing.. but its a gift. so i will roll with it. they said it was a good thing because it the south you gotta know how to carry a conversation. and dear me that is one thing i can do.... in waiting rooms and all... #ThankYouMom

well this is a longer email this week but just know how much i love ya'll and i am so appreciative of ya'lls prayers. 

Mon: acted out the tree of life scriptures with members in our ward for FHE (Shane and Jamie Whittier)
Tues:went to the Eye Doctor for my comp. 
Thurs: interviews with my mission president; oh how i love meeting with him, i always come out wanting to strive to be a much better person. and i realize i am not that bad ;D 
Fri:met the cutest Old couple ... i want to be like them some day!! cute and old, and so happy, they were like newly weds ;D
Sat: had dinner at TEXAS Road HOUSE!!! with sis. Poaletti
Sun: rewarded with the name of 'the gift of the gab'

1. 'in God we trust' on our way down to Bethel
2.beautiful sunset down in Ayden. 

love -sister olesen

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