Monday, October 5, 2015

Like a Potter's Wheel

whoa can i say miracles!?!?! 

this week i want to focus on what i have learned. rather than on the experiences. (those i'll put in my highlights) 

but this week i learned the simplicity of the gospel. not only was that evident in General Conference but in what happened this week. so as you all know last week i was kinda bummed and a worry wart. but this week man i just let it all go,and focused on what i DID know! and can i just say wow! we taught 3 families in between two wards and it was incredible. the way the kids grasped onto the message of the restoration and on to the plan of salvation. this is so simple God doesn't want to confuse us. but just as Elder Holland said that sometimes we stray away because we are focused on what we don't see rather than on what is right infront of us! we focus on the complexities of the things we just don't understand. mind you it is so great to ask questions and wonder,but not worth it to get all crazy on it!! no way jose. well anyway. this week i just focused on what i could do. like i could teach the gospel, i can do the best i can. i can talk to everyone if i just try.. and we have seen so many miracles we have 10 new investigators 5 of those with a baptisimal date, and oh God is good that is all i have to say. so stay centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. He WILL mold  you into the person he knows you are capable of becoming!!

funny story.. so this week we were taking out the trash and there was this bird who we thought was dead... but sis. Griffin decides to pick it up.. . (just in case) and she felt a heart beat. so we brought it inside, and we tried to warm it up. and well after about 15 min of success he took a stretch with his wing... and died. lol (kinda like on shrek when fiona's dad, the frog, takes his last breath and catches a fly? ) well he did that and he died right after. i shouldn't be laughing but it was pretty ironic. so we went outside in the pouring rain and buried him by digging a hole with a spoon. it was a fun week. and it flew by!! 

1: K.O.G our bird (kovacs, olesen,griffin) 
2: sister Kovacs and i trying to be sentimental to sis. Griffin who was bawling lol

mon: taught the restoration in a gastation while people were buying tons of lottery tickets
tues: we got caught in a crazy rain storm and have a new investigator Quashonda
wed: learned about a street in mexico called "calle de besos" from this really old lady in the old folks home.... it was super funny!
thurs:we burried KOG, and ran through a field that was 2 football field lengths long... we looked like pioneers
fri: a man payed for our dinner at cracker barrel. he is super kind. he told us his story of how he was in jail for 25 years, and smokes weed everyday. but is a successful buisness man.
sat: GENERAL CONFERENCE the talk by Elder Lawerence
Sun: the talk by Elder Bednar (as we listen to the words of our forefathers and give heed to them we are more able to remember them, solidify them and turn them into knowledge!!

love sister Olesen

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