Monday, August 24, 2015

Good Day Sir

how are all of you?? if you're week has been as crazy as ours.. well there is something in the water then ;D 

I will be honest i don't really remember a whole lot that has happened this week it has been a blur. of miracles and sorrows as well but that is just life as well it just is up to how you look at everything. just another testament on perspective, and the eternal perspective. 

One story that sticks out is when we went to the McCreas for dinner it was super spiritual. we taught the Sabbath day and why we keep it holy. "for it is a sign between your generations" Genesis 31:13,16-17 but anyways it was good because it really hit home for all of us! but as we were leaving they gave us a referral to go see a less-active family. so as we went to visit them we saw a family outside on their porch. so after we tried the less-active family (who wasn't home) we went to say hello. We asked if we could share a message with them on how God is our loving Heavenly Father and like everyone here, they said... "yes please." so we shared the Restoration with them and they said they wouldn't see a problem with getting baptized again.... well... in fact, by being baptized by the proper priesthood authority you will never have to be baptized again. This is what hit her. so we explained the priesthood line from Christ--->Peter,James,and John----> Joseph Smith, and she was mezmorized. so... we will see what happens next :)  she didn't want to commit to baptisim.but she understood the line, so that is powerful! I love this gospel it truly just makes sense. I know that this is the restored church, and if you don't know that for yourself. its okay. i didn't know that till well about 2 months into my mission. i mean i thought i knew it ... but i didn't KNOW it. 

i hope everything goes well this week i love you all so much!! 

Scirpture of the day 2Nephi 26:24 Gods plan is the plan for us! He wants us all to return... so ask him yourself what His plan is for  you!! 

Mon: We had a run in with Jehovah's Wittnesses. and my testimony multiplied! because he wants us ALL to return

Tues: Had another Lesson with Florita, and her prayer was Amazing!! the power was real

Wed: WE had two lunches in 1 hour!! and it was fish and tomatoes. my favorite.. However, sister Anderson was so sick!! lol but she ate it all!! i was a proud mama!

Thurs:Lesson with Ben Dixon. We met him about a month ago, and he wanted to have a lesson! He is so prepared

Fri: i stepped in gum today... and an Elder Scraped it off of my shoe. we were on our way to give Florita's son a blessing
Sat:Lesson with the Edmondson Family. #joyjar

Sun: we had 4 investigators to church!!! 

Love ssister Olesen

2. Sister Anderson made dinner!! Meatball sandwhiches!!

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