Monday, August 17, 2015

Fishers of Men

okay so we were out tracting this week ... a LOT. because everyone has dropped off of the face of the earth Ann is still getting baptised in september, but everyone else has well... i am not sure. but i can't focus on that for forever or else i am going to be sad all over again, God's plan is so much greater. Its so crazy because you spend so much time on somone, and effort, and sometimes it just doesn't go according to plan. Well anyways we went tracting. We went to the Greenville commons park which is really close to downtown Greenville. We found a beautiful pond, (ill attach a photo) but we found a lady named Florita. We asked her to take a picture of us and ended up talking about religion. she has been studying with the Jehovah Witnesses for a couple of weeks and is just gathering information. so we asked if we could share a quick lesson. The spirit was so strong (mind you we are teaaching her on a dock while she is fishing over a lagoon thing that leads into a big river) So we finished and she was very interested so we did a return appointment. and all is well right?? no . she couldn't meet the time we set up as we were on our way she called to tell us, but hey, at least she remembered, that means it was on her mind. So that is a HUGE plus. 

okay so analogy time. we prepare for a fishing trip for a week or so right, get all of the supplies, to go out... well by the time you get out on the water you don't really know what to expect you just have really HIGH hopes and do the best you can do and wait for the magic to happen. NO. you have to put effort in catch and release wait for the big one, the one that can change your name for the fishing champ in the family. (thats not you dad ;) its greg at the moment.. maybe Reece actually with the sword fish) but anyways back to the analogy. all the while as you are waiting you make fun memories with those you are fishing with. and making experiences that the 'why' of fishing so worth it.
 well folks this is why 2 Nephi 2:2 "consecrate your afflictions" look up the actual deffinition of concecrate and you will see what i mean. Make your afflictions holy, give them to the Lord and just see what will happen. enjoy every fishing moment you have, participate in the spreading of the gospel. it is fun, even when it doesn't give you a HUGE memory making Fish tale, it is all worth while. 
I love you all this week there isn't much to tell, just a HUGE learning experience. and a few tears nd stuff. lol I thought i was tough... then along came a mission lol.. 

mon: i made a mural of Christ's life for our apartment
Tues:it rained all day.. and all of our 8 lessons fell through
wed:we had a very powerful Book of Mormon study class in our ward that the missionaries teach,      and everything that was said was exactly what we needed to hear after our far
thurs:we played the lisence plate game, and i owned it , #orangevans
Fri: teaching on the Dock to Florita
Sat:had a super sketchy lesson with a former investigator, adn we were able to sense what it is      like to not have the spirit present... it was a huge motivator to ALWAYS feel the spirit.
Sun:I made the one and only Olesen burgers-- Vol. 2 to wrap up our week. 

well ya'll i love you tons.. be good okay and remember to always!! CTR it really does make a difference in your day! and READ the scriptures daily.. the power is UNREAL. 

-sister Olesen

1.the river we found florita on~~ absolutely beautiful.. my head is blocking the sunset, but it was pretty just trust me
 2. the NEW Olesen Burger.. watch out greg, the competition is on! -sister Anderson said it rocked

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