Monday, August 3, 2015

Its Transfer Time

Hey Ya'll 

So this week was nothing but miracles. sometimes you just need to push through the muddy mess underneath all sorts of storms on top to recognize the miracles that are headed your way!! For some reason everyone has vanished from the face of the planet, so we went tracting.. in the crazy hot sun. but it was great i am tan now and full of miracles that would blow your mind.... Okay so one:

We were tracting and my shirt was super long sleeved, but i didn't do laundry last week so it was all i had. so just picture me a MESS. we tracted and finally our last two doors we were praying for some sort of miracle, praying for Heavenly Father to lead us to a family that had been prepared for the restored gospel. and the first door we knocked on of the last two was a less active family that hadn't been in forever, we didn't know that so we introduced ourselves like the last 30 doors, and he was "yep i am a member of  your church, and i actually served a mission," so that was pretty funny and awkward too, but anyways we talked for a bit, and they invited us over for dinner in two weeks so that is actually a huge deal!! now miracle two:

We had one more door to tract and so ... we knocked and a really cute black couple came to the door. well the wife, and the husband who was sitting on the couch with out even seeing us invited us in and to have a seat on the couch. so we were very excited to sit down because man were we sweaty! but we small talked for a bit, they have been married for about 37-40 years, and have kids, and are very faithful in their church. so that made us a little nervous, but we shared a lesson anyways, the RESTORATION! and on the page of the pamphlet right before the restoration (the Apostasy) they were concentrated, they were intently listening to every word, and the minute we fliipped to the restoration the spirit was so strong! it was incredible, and by the time we left they were so excited for our next lesson together, that they are going to invite the husbands sister! oh man we are so excited! there are some great things happing here. lately it seems to go so so grand, and then everyone drops off of the face of the planet, but because God is so aware he allows us to find miracles, all we have to do is look for them, and guess what, we really dont ever have to look very far. 
We had a lesson with Ann Sharkshnes this week about the creation and we talked about the miracles that happen eveyday, all we have to do is look up! 

Sister Glaser's last day was today. she headed up on the transfer van and i am so excited for her new adventures that await her! i am so proud of her and grateful for all that she has taught me! i am going to miss her so incredibly much.. she is my mom! ;D

I love you all so much! 

1.Sister Glaser is headed home...
2. the beautiful North Carolina Sunset

Mon: fishing
tues: found a mansion in farmville.. toward the back neck of the woods
wed: found a man who is just like dad!! he gave us roses in pepsi cans!!
thurs: helped members move out of their apartment... probably my favorite members Clinton and Samantha O'dail
Fri:Burned Sister GLaser's bag!!
Sat: washed Ann Sharkshness dog
sun: fast and testimony meeting... i was a mess. it was Sis Glaser's last sunday...

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