Monday, August 10, 2015

Pig Pickin' and the Rooftops

So this week was insanely long!! i drove for the first time in 3 months, to Virginia, and back!! lets just say that Brigham Young was not the road planner in Virginia! the roads are insane, and even with a GPS we got lost a couple of times. and a GPS is kind of like prayer too! so again the Lord is truly amazing!  we had a mission conference, and on top of that trying to catch up on the area after leaving for 2.5 days! lol and i am training! so it has been crazy! but i truly do love every moment of it! 

Sister Anderson is my new companion. she is from St. George Utah, and she is great! she and i are buds, and we have had so much fun each day! i love being her comp. we have had some pretty funny experiences. i decided to take her to the sketchy areas first, just to get her accustomed first, and now she is set for all occasions ;D. we had a real pig pickin'! now i am sure you're wondering what that is, well they litterally throw an entire pig in a smoker and then pick from it what you want! hte face and everything was in there... it was pretty cool. then the man who made the food thought it would be cool to let a ham (leg of the pig) hang for decoration, it was covered in mold, but its okay because it was cured so it wouldn't spoil. when they are ready to eat that ham they scrub it and cook it and .. well eat it. so my friends prayer is real when it comes to eating! 

the spiritual part of our week was that we went to go teach a less-active member, but she was sick and didn't come to the door, so as we were heading back to our car, these 2 girls came out and were peeking at us so we said hello and asked if their mom was home? so we asked their mom if we could share a lesson with them. so we shared the restoration on their porch. As we were teaching their husband got home, and joined later, another man from the neighborhood came up and asked if he could join as well! so it was absolutely amazing! we preached from the 'rooftops'. the spirit was strong, and we now have another lesson with them later this week. the man who walked in on our lesson has been studying the bible for 30 years and hasn't found the church for him he believes the church is in your heart. which is true... to a point. we need to live the gospel, but we also need to go through ordinances by acting on faith to live the gospel as well. 

sorry this email is long, but last thing. there was a talk in sacrament this week and a man asked us to ask ourselves this question... "am i true?" and that really hit me, especially with the man who we talked to. Are we true diciples of Christ? do we really live the gospel everyday and love everyone in every way we can? are we true? when talking about construction a true 2x4 is straight, solid, square, etc,... so that has been my soul search this week ... Am I TRUE? 


Mon: i drove
tues: it rained so hard, and i thought i was going to kill sister Young and I in the car
Wed: i met Sister Anderson!! she is so cute!
Thursday: we had mission conference, and a pig pickin'
friday: we asked a investigator if we could 'meditate' after she prayed... i am pretty sure we're not allowed back ;D ( well it never hurts to try a new method)
Sat: preaching on the rooftops
Sunday: AM I TRUE?
Love you all... p.s. sorry its wicked long! 
sister Olesen

 100 days on the mission! (thank you so much for the hats marshall and miles! 

 me eating the ham leg bone thing. ... check that mold out!! 

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