Monday, July 27, 2015

Crying is a spiritual gift

My dearest Family, and Best buds

WE had a mini-missionary again this week sister Ward. and before she came she prayed for a hard week, she wanted to see ALL aspects of the work and by golly she got it! be careful what you pray/wish for especially when it involves others. This week we pretty much cried all week. it was so hard, but hey we grew. so that is good! i think this weeks biggest theme was service. we talked to a lot of people invited them to church and told them that the restored gospel is on the earth, and the crazy thing about the south, is that they ALL love our Savior Jesus Christ, so they don't see anything different about us then the Jehovah's wittnesses (and there a lot here) anyways this is all besides the point the main fact that i wanted to focus in on is service.. Me.. Sister Erica Ann Olesen, mostly just Sister Olesen Drove/ steered a Catelac this week!!! there was this man, and his car broke down in the middle of the road, and there was 3 of us sisters so we were like "hey we can help" because nobody else was willing to so they all pushed, and i of course offered to drive because it was a catelac, i wish i got a picture, but just imagine, it was fantastic. p.s. that was the same day that we had interviews with President Baker, so that wasn't the most obedient thing we could have done, but desperate calls call for desperate measures! 

We set two people with a baptisimal date!! it was great one girls name is Jadaria Dickens she came to church this sunday and found out in Sunday School that Joseph smith was dead, and cried, aparently we had missed explaining that well enough.. ? whoops, we'll clear that up next time..;D
and a girl named Shaquitta Suggs is set for August 29th. so we are really excited for them! they are and have grown so much in the past two weeks! i love this work, the Lord's work you are able to see first hand the growth of our brothers and sisters because of the Atonement!! 

the reason this week has been so crazy is because its been so stressful. we went to havelock for exchanges, and then back to greenville in one day with a mini-missionary, oh man i know it seems not that crazy to ya'll but it is!! lol

well i gotta go, but i love  you all so much stay golden and read (stay by the tree) in the latest ensign. 
picture 1: Brother Smith and I all the way From Spanish Fork Utah

Picture 2: my HUGE fish!! from fishing at the Brews!!
mon: had a play for a member lesson!!
tues: a beautiful thunder storm that happened and it looked like a strobe light, there wasn't any rain, it was pure lightning
wed:Sister Glaser's 18 month mark
thurs:i drove a catelac, and interviews with President Baker, oh and i found brother Smith in NOrht Carolina... (he was my seminary teacher)
fri ate at Zaxby's... in memoir of my good 'ole Pops
sat had a lesson with a 95 yr old, barbara 
sun: Sister gLaser had her farewell talk in greenville!!
mon:I went fishing today!!!

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