Monday, July 13, 2015

Salvation Angels

whoa.. there is soo much to write about this week it is insane! but i will just share with y'all the things that stuck out the most! 
we had a mini-missionary this week her name is Sister Jamie Martin. she is from New Burn North Carolina. she is 16 and applied to go on a mini-mission to see what we did, and how we do it.. it was incredible! she is such an inspiration. if i was like that at 16, man i don't know what i would be like now. she is going to be an amazing missionary. 
we got caught in a lot of rainstorms this week and so that was a ton of fun we played and worked hard! #workhardplayhard. we taught almost every lesson including the law of Chastity while sis. Martin was here and it wasn't even awkward. we even sang a song while we taught it. to a little tune i like to call, "head, shoulders, knees and toes" 

head-keep your thoughts pure, shoulders: keep your shoulders covered, knees: keep  your knees covered, or at least a good length, also watch your blouse as you bend, Toes: walk tall ,you're a daughter of God. 

it was a great/really funny lesson. we did a lot of less active work though this week and it was great! we got a hold of a family who we have been trying to get a hold of for a while. the Jennings. they have a son named Colton and he has autism. but he was able to say the prayer. now this is what i want to focus on; This boy cant do a whole lot, but he is able to pray, he can't communicate very well but with the help of others he can communicate with God. This really stuck out to me! no matter what happens in a mission, in a life, as long as we are trying our very best to communicate with God, all is well. This boy taught me a lot! he is 4 and he had so much to share. he might not have a lot to offer, but he has the world to offer to me. With all of this crazy happening in the world at this time we need to try our very best to hold on to our communication to God, colton taught me that.(thorugh the help of others) through scripture study, prayer, listening to the counsel of prophets, so forth. fully rely on God (D&C 17:1)

Also this week we built a fort, and got asked if we sold girl scout cookies, and man,,, when north carolina gets something in their head, it is hard to lose it! lol and i must say when it comes to north carolina bbq no body can mess with them. it is good! and people get grumpy when they are passing out the food, because it is such a delicasy it has to be take seriously... lol so that is my advice for the week. i know that this email is all over the place but just remember colton this 4 yr old boy! everyone has so much to offer, just listen to them!  it is so crazy because so many people slam the door in our face, but if we could just listen to eachother.. man the world could do some serious changing!

well. i wish you the best of luck this week! its a good one!!
-sis olesen

mon- PLAYED E.R.S for P-day

tues-Sister martin came and we Saw Niecy, who has such a knowledge for the scriptures

wed-coltons prayer

thurs-we had to bail our tub out because it wouldn't drain... sick nasty

fri-we got poured on, and sister maritn's skirt was see-through so we had to go hurry and buy a skirt before our dinner appointment which we only had like 15 min to do so

sat-Robins Baptisim, the elders former investigator now member! he is so huge!! like a gentle giant. he was baptised while kneeling and had to bed over he i so incredibley tall

sun-farewell to sister martin

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