Monday, July 6, 2015

Full of Miracles

well folks, it was the good 'ole fourth of july!! (my favorite)

Although it wasn't filled with bbq and fireworks it was full of miracles that is all i can say!! this whole week! #1 it was my mom's birthday so that was a huge miracle! #2 we have a new investigator. 

this week wasn't too hot so that is pretty great. not too many sweat droplets this week. ;D it was full of following the spirit. we had so many appointments fall through this week... it is summer people think they can go on vacation.. what is going on here?  no it is great that means that they are with their family which means that they are helping the plan of salvation move forward. the family is the most vital piece of heavenly father's plan for us! so i guess its okay that they go on vacation, but hopefully they come back soon. so we just had a lot of improvising to do this week... but besides all of that nonsense we met a man  on Friday named Montreal. We taught him the restoration in not only 15 minutes, but the spirit was undeniable. we were tracting a kind of sketchy area, and we looked up, were bold and spoke to him and asked if we could teach him right then and there as we was drinking his carona. but that is besides the point. the spirit was there, it testified unto him that this is good, he may not know it is true yet, but he knows the message is good, and it is of God. I love the restoration so much. no matter what or where we are the spirit is always there. and the moment you help them recognize the spirit that is when their whole face changes. they have that desire. I love this gospel. not a whole lot happened besides that this week. Marian isn't getting baptized July 18th anymore, she doesn't feel quite ready, and she isn't sure this is exactly where she wants to go in her life. so that was a huge heart break this week. and i was so sad and discouraged, but then in 2 nephi 18 there is a verse that blatently states, "this is my garden, i know whats going on" ( or something along those lines) but anyways it was powerful, it re-assured me taht this is the Lord's work he is aware of Marian's decsions and he is aware of all of us. he knows what is best for us .... so rely on him!! 

-sister olesen

Mon- 2 month mark

tues-changed in a shack to get rid of our bed bug clothes

wed-the elder's investigator, told them that he is looking for a wife, so he has been hanging out at McDonalds a lot. to seek them out.... (it is the hang out here)

thurs- Elder and Sister Steffler took us out for a steak dinner for my 'graduation' of my first 8 wks.

fri- cleaned a house for 3 hours/ found Montreal

sat- the family that we spent a little of 4th of july with,, their kids tried to guess my age,, and apparently i am 31 years old... so i am the new oldest in the family (sorry kristina)

sun-we saw Ann our investigator with M.S. and we rubbed her feet to help the swelling, it was the most humbling experience of my life. i love her honestly with my whole heart!! (sept. 12 is her date.)

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