Monday, May 4, 2015

Almost Forgot

i forgot some major stuff!! we taught lessons on our third day... scariest thing ever. we went to the temple today  and yesterday we did a temple walk which was beautiful it was kinda weird going out into the real world!!! i hope all is well. we have taught 3 lessons so far and we have 1 today and 2 tomorrow it is crazy how much studying there is to do. i love everything about studying though~!! its great!! we taught a member named Melka, and two fake people  (actors) named Chris and Fabiola. it is crazy even though they are our teachers when we go into teach them it is nuts, it feels like new people i dont view them as my teachers i view them as brothers and sisters who really dont have the gospel and they need to feel their saviors word and when the dont want to listen it is so madening... hello...  this is the key to your happiness.... a key... why wouldn't you take the key to get through a door to eternal happiness. yea it wont be easy once you get the key, but it is a lot more manageable!!!

okay i just thought i would add that last part in.. love you so much.. 

p.s. my niece is the cutest thing in the whole entire world.. except i dont know her name... so that s a wammy!! 

p.s.s. jo jo and eecy pie nicely done!!

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