Monday, May 11, 2015

Goodbye Utah

hey y'all

so this is it! i am off to Virginia tomorrow to meet the good 'ole people of Virginia and North Carolina!! i can not wait! i have learned so much here, but at the same time i feel like i could stay here and learn forever!! this week was super exciting,,, it finally felt like home... lol haha i will tell you why, but you guys have to promise not to hold it against me forever k???  i peed my pants on Wednesday; during the zone meeting when all of the new missionaries were coming in ... so guess your home really is where your heart is ;D 
but anyways we had to say good bye to some people this week which was really sad... our teacher brother Moore. he is seriously the nicest guy in the world and he isn't even married,,,, what is wrong with that picture.. so if you have any people locally who wants to marry a righteous young man... send me the info.. lol he doesn't know about t this but lets see what we can do for him eh?? 

Something i learned this week that was so awesome was the power of the Holy Ghost!! it really is the teacher in so many ways, not just in lessons it is a teacher in every conversation you have, as long as you are living the teachings of Christ every day then  he will stand by your side. 

>>power of the Holy Ghost + Communication = powerful communication

-the power of the holy ghost is (peace, comforter, support

-Communication is (prayer, scriptures, conversations, testimony, studying, repentence)

-all these things can be powerfully communication tools for (ourselves, investigators,members,friends, spouses)

you guys probably have already had this realization, but when all of these dots started connecting in my head i was so happy, i want to be able to be a missionary who always feels this connection so i can communicate powerfully to my investigators!! 

Also something really funny that happened this week is Elder Bambo (an elder in our district going to Gilbert AZ) had a laugh attack like mine.... but he looked like he was having a seizure... so it was a little bit sketchy!! i love this time in my life... stay golden

-sister Erica Olesen

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