Monday, May 4, 2015

Well I am done here!

Welp folks i am here in the MTC. it is pretty crazy.. lol i am pretty sure i have already gained like 100 lbs. so dont look at me different when i return ;D  my companions name is sis. Kovacs she is from torence california. she is seriously the cutest. we have so much in common. and you know whats crazy is that our other dorm comps get along perfectly with eachother as well.. the food is so good. a little too good. everyone is so awesome in our district. its called district 8... so kinda like hunger games ;D.. lol and a little rhyme.. 'district 8 is so great' there is sis Kovacs and I, Sisters Tegan and Brownlee. and the Elders are Elders Rabaut, Gilstrap, Bambo, and Wood. so all crazy names except Elder Wood. they are super funny. Elder Rabaut is 18 and the rest are super old. 

today is the first P day and it is kinda werid to wear pants... never thought i would say that, but its true. my branch is awesome and there is only 8 of us so fast and testimony meeting was interesting. but re-freshing. is kinda werid to think that i am not going home next week i am here for life. the days are long but the weeks are fast for sure!! I love you much. cool thought.... MTC= My Time with Christ. i am a true representative of christ, well each and everyone of us are actually so smile and love everyone. we are here to serve and learn the attributes of christ or rather the character of christ. we watched an old talk by President Bednar of when he spoke at the MTC a couple years ago on is called the Character of Christ. it was so inspiring. i think it has changed my whole look about a mission. so love like christ, and do nothing more. the natural man is to turn inward when in a crisis, or when feeling insecure, turn out like christ would and love all!! i am so excited to keep learning.. if you have any tips for getting the best work out in 30 min.... send them my way eh??? love  you all tons ill see you in 18 - 5

Sister Olesen

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