Monday, June 15, 2015

So Pray

hey ya'll

so i think i am on official missionary. at the end of this week i will have been out for one whole transfer.. 6 weeks in the actual mission field i haven't finished training completely i have one more transfer worth. but for the most part it is coming along. i have a hard core farmer's tan line. it isn't the cutest, i also have a watch and ring tan line. i have been trying my whole life to get a ring tan line, and i guess North Carolina is the only way! ;D 

This week has been pretty low key. Sister Glaser was sick again so we stayed inside, but we had exchanges this week and let me tell you it was a miracle! I went with sister Boatright! she is so kind and i truly hope i can be like her someday. she has mastered the Christlike attribute of charity! i know we are not supposed to be covetess, but she is so wonderful i look up to her a lot!!

We were in Farmville for our day out and after going to a gas station to change our clothes from teaching an investigator with bedbugs. We got a call from our zone leaders telling us they had a potential investigator for us. And guess what? they happened to live in farmville (farmville is about 20 minutes west of greenville, so it eats up miles) So sister Boatright pulled off the side of the road while we punched the address into the gps, and it was literally across the street!! so we went over there and we ended up knocking on the 'wrong' house number and met the black family, who just so happens to be black... so cooL! then she invited us in and we had a short lesson and they were very interested! so who knows maybe we will have the opportunity to baptise the black family! ;) after we were in their house we went to the 'right' house that the elders gave us and she wasn't home, so coincidence? i think NOT!! we actually have our second  lesson with them tonight!! so PRAY. 

love you all!!

sister olesen

mon-painted pottery

tues-sis glaser was sick


thurs- we were 'traveling salesmen' in a poor development. all of the cute kids came up to us asking for pamphlets!! we told them to have their parents call us as well ;)

fri-we taught Shamika, paradise,charity,nay,and summer and they are all new investigators, they were really confused about the God head

sat-witnessed a baptisim in smithfield (one of sister Glaser's converts)

Sun- had to teach gospel DOCTERINE on the whim. it actually went okay. even though adults are kind of scary...;)

p.s. the sister with the curly hair is Sister boatright. and piggly wiggly is a grocery store!! so funny

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