Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh my SCARY!!

well this week has been amazing!! i have learned a whole lot! ...well about mother earth! in the humidity everything is bigger and better.. well maybe not better but scarier. well this is how the story goes. Sis. Glaser and I went to go get the mail and we, not thinking left our door open and we rushed back in because we both got letters and as i stepped my foot down i felt something hard, so i hurried and lifted my foot and something moved so fast and toward the wall... so my natural response is a blood curdling scream.. because well it was a HUGE spider!! i normally am not that afraid of spiders because see in Utah where i live they are not that big, but this guy was probably about 2.5" big! so big! and hard! ew. i freaked so i grabbed a Tupperware container and slammed it on the spider after a few tries of mustering up my courage and trapped it. our next problem was what were we going to do with it. so naturally we called the elders to see if they would come and kill it, but it was too late so we put three cans of green beans on top of the container just in case the spider got any ideas... it was disgusting! some may say that North Carolina is not foreign, but let me tell you it is! everything is bigger and hairier here! ;D 

this week has been very faith building. we did a lot of tracting we probable knocked on 100 doors or more and nobody was interested. it was very frustrating. i think it is so frustrating because they are already so faithful here in the south. they strengthen my faith everyday in the bible, and about Jesus Christ, however they just don't see that there is more, they don't see that once we die it is nowhere near the end, it is just the beginning towards the new step in Heavenly Fathers plan. but at the same time our purpose is not to push the gospel on others; rather it is to invite others. and just the wording of our purpose  which we will now read everyday is so powerful. My purpose as a missionary is to "invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." i just reading that or thinking about that from door to door is so powerful. we are not here to be hearers of the word but doers of the word. to love and to be an example. so i hope this new discovery will help as we go out this week. i love this gospel. i have been in this gospel for 19 years and i still am in awe to all the knowledge we can learn day to day. there is NEVER a plateau. 


mon: ate at bo-jangles

tues: taught Mirium Dudly; she is wonderful and has commited to baptisim! she is so cute, and knows she wants a church family :D

wed: discovery of Romans 8 (very beautiful everyone if they have a desire should read it! it talks about God's love for each of us)

thurs: we taught our investigator Beverly to pray. and after she was done her apearence immediately changed and she said "when are  you sisters coming back? i really like this" before she prayed she was very out of it and kind of hinting that she wanted us to leave, so we changed our approach and taught her not the lesson, "teach people not lessons" it was a great expierence the spirit was so strong. 

Fri: found a 16 yr old named Jashira ( Ja-shy-ru) she is darling. she was talking about how she was just talking about how she wanted to come to church. her dad died 2 mos. ago and her mom is diagosed with cancer. her faith strengthened me so much!! i 

Sat: ... SPIDER

Sun: the SPIDER died, it had a ton of eggs in it when the elders got it out of our apartment to kill it. so thankfully i found it with my foot, even though it spent the night in our house the whole night with 3 cans. and Mirum came to church~!!! it was beautiful

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