Monday, June 8, 2015

The deep blue ocean

well folks this week has got be the memory of it all. i think this week has and will change everything for me...
Everything this week went horribly not according to plan. all of our appointments were cancelled the rain was crazy. i am pretty sure we had a tropical storm. and all of our finding efforts seemed pointless. i am not going to be shy about it; i was discouraged. i was asking myself if i am doing everything that the Lord wants me to do; why is everything going wrong? why isn't anybody remembering that they scheduled us in for an appointment. or why would one lesson go so perfectly and the next time we went over, they wanted nothing to do with the church? i was really discouraged and i wanted to figure out what else i could do. and 'I' couldn't do anything. But i listened to a song that came on, on our C.D. called "ocean" by 'united' and in the very first line it says "i have been called to walk upon the Water" and boom it hit me. and i realized that all of those questions were the wrong questions, that i had been asking before; the question that was really at hand was, am allowing the Holy ghost to lead and guide us? am i allowing the atonement to heal me? am i letting Him in? and the answer was no
I was trying to do everything myself, (because i am used to that... thats what i did at home) but i have been called to walk upon the water; we all have. We have so many storms that we go through each day!! but are we allowing our faith to be in Christ and his atonement, or in ourselves? 
I learned a lot this week and there isn't really a whole lot to tell except what i have shared. this week has been really hard, but rewarding. with out all of these trials and fall throughs i wouldn't have been able to see the miracle of god's hand, and learned to fully lean on him. 
Highlights:   (p.s. i saw my first lightning bug last Sunday)
monday: we went to a metal animal zoo on dickenson in Greenville
Tuesday:I did 250 sit ups.. because i am trying to have more dignified language so everytime i say "awesome" or "sick" or words like that i have 10 sit ups or push ups... (abs of steal)  and the tropical storm happened and we played in the rain!!
Wednesday: Felicia commited to baptisim
Thursday: sister Glaser was sick, so we stayed inside
Friday:taught the restoration in 15 minutes... it is the new curriculum
sat: i broke down.... :/
Sunday: i bore my testimony in our ward and i felt peace again after solidifying what i learned this week

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